No Subscription

Unifi Protect Cameras deliver Professional Performance and Value at an unbeatable price. No monthly licensing or subscription will provide you with a lower cost of ownership. Unifi provides indoor and outdoor cameras to meet your needs.

Access Recordings w/ Mobile Phone

You can configure your Protect devices, watch live camera streams and recordings, download footage, create recording schedules, customize detection-specific notifications from the Unifi Protect App from your mobile

Prioritize Privacy

Unlike the competitors, Unifi DOES NOT send your video recordings over the internet to be stored in a cloud server. Your recordings are stored within your local network and on your own equipment. With this setup, your internet speed will not slow down.

Wi-Fi Cameras

Doorbell Camera with 2 Way Comms
Quick and Secure Setup
Indoor 1080P Camera
Outdoor 2K Camera

POE Cameras

Stunning HD Video Quality
Power Over Ethernet Cable
POE+ and POE++
1080p - 4K Options

AI and Special Cameras

-Centrally manage your Protect devices with one intuitive interface.

-Expand your deployment with an easy-to-use platform designed for scalability.

The Future of Security Camera with AI

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